Island of vitality and health – already in 1892 proclaimed as a natural climate health resort

Pleasant mediterrainian climate

More than 2.500 sunny hours per year

More than 1.200 plant species

More than 250 km foothpaths


The Lošinj Islands are the one of the most beautiful natural Mediterranean units with a rich vegetation and the greenery of pine-trees, beautiful beaches surrounded by the crystal blueness of the sea. The Lošinj archipelago represents the natural beauties of the islands Cres and Lošinj, the nearby islands Unija, Susak and Ilovka and numerous small islands.

Each civilization, the Greek sailors, the Romans, the Illyrian nations, the Venetians, the Croats, has left its traces here.

There are more than 1200 vegetable species on the Island of Lošinj. This is the most northern point in Europe where lemons are grown in the open air. Due to the beneficient influences of the Lošinj climate, Lošinj got the status of a climatic health-resort already in 1892. It was a winter resort of the then Austro-Hungary.

Due to the beneficient and soothing effect of the sea, the pine-tree greenery, the medicinal herbs, sport and recreation possibilities, interesting trips and Mediterranean food, Lošinj is an interesting recreation place all the year round.